TLS-Verify is an optional secure delivery method that requires modifications to the domains SPF and DKIM records.

 DKIM is a development of "DomainKeys" from Yahoo and "Identified Internet Mail" from Cisco, hence the name DKIM.

DKIM is a method of verifying the email sender is who they say they are. It's purpose is to prevent email spoofing.

DKIM provides a method for validating a domain name identity that is associated with a message through cryptographic authentication.

If you have implemented DKIM for your domain, you will need to create the following CNAME record so that the messages signed and delivered by EncryptTitan pass DKIM checks for your domain.

Record typeLabel/Host fieldTime To Live (TTL)Destination/Target field
CNAMEselect-et1._domainkey3600 or leave the


If you have not implemented  DKIM for your domain, then creating the CNAME record is highly recommended and will likely increase the deliverability of your email. 

If you are not certain if DKIM has or has not been implemented, then please add the CNAME record since creating the CNAME record without a DKIM implementation will not impact the deliverability of your e-mail.  

If you would like help with implementing DKIM for you domain, please open a ticket and will be happy to assist you.