In addition to being able to send encrypted emails using subject line keywords, Encrypt Titan users who use Outlook to access their email accounts, can download an Outlook tool (known as a plugin). This enables users to send encrypted emails without the need for including a keyword in the subject line.

Once downloaded and installed successfully, you can use the Encrypt Titan Outlook Plugin to encrypt emails by clicking on the Encrypt icon in the top left of a new email and selecting either Encrypt with TLS Verify or Encrypt via Secure Portal. Your email will then be encrypted once it is sent.


Custom Email Expiration Time

The Encrypt Titan Outlook Plugin offers an option to customize the amount of time the email is available to the recipient.   The recipient will only be able to access the encrypted email and any attachments within the time that you select using the expire drop down menu.  After the email expires, it will be automatically deleted from the secure portal.

Please note this is an optional setting when using the Secure Portal delivery option only.   If the expiration time is not defined by the sender, the default retention setting of 60 days will be used.


Option to Automatically Prompt Sender for encryption


The Encrypt Titan Outlook Plugin can be configured so that the sender is prompted to encrypt an email when a recipient is outside the senders organization. This prompt can be set under the Encrypt Titan menu option. 


When enabled, the sender will be prompted with an encryption dialog box, as shown below, each time they send a email that includes an external recipient.


Categorize Encrypted Email

Easily Identify which of your sent emails were encrypted and which delivery method (TLS Verify or Secure Portal) was used. This prompt can be set under the Encrypt Titan menu option.



When enabled, a category label will be associated with each encrypted email that is sent that will include the delivery method.





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